Reviewed by:  Sweet Bubs

Date:  December 16th 2003

As they hit the stage cormac stole the show.  With catchy melodies and true emotion cormac conveys both honesty and real feeling which is lacking in much of the music released in today’s market.  Lead singer Cormac Cleary’s presence on stage captured the audience’s attention as people from the back of the room made their way to the front.  With captivating melodies along the lines of Coldplay and stage presence along the lines of Radiohead, cormac demands to be both seen and heard.

The band played an array of styles ranging from upbeat songs with guitar and vocal hooks cutting into the listener’s mind, to down-tempo moving songs which listeners can relate to emotionally.  The memorable lyrics and melodic guitar hooks made cormac’s songs a true pleasure to listen to.  The band’s energy and musical capabilities shone through as the most simple beats and melodies were performed tight, and with a feel rarely matched.

Having the chance to speak with the band after the show, they conveyed a modesty and gratefulness that they were able to do “what they love” night after night.  The members are a very tight group of guys who spent much of their time with me joking and having fun.

cormac receives two thumbs up, they truly have the ability to be the next big thing out of Burlington, a seeming “hot spot” for music producing acts like Finger Eleven, Jersey and Idle Sons.  Keep your eyes and ears open for cormac, you won’t be disappointed!



Reviewed by:  Ann Ferguson

Date:  December 12th 2003

Last month, over 150 bands across Hamilton and the surrounding area submitted their finest work to radio station Y108 with the hopes of being selected as one of five regional finalists in the Y108 Xtreme Band Slam competition.

This annual band search is connected to Canadian Music Week, the premiere music industry conference and trade show that takes place in Toronto every march.  The Xtreme Band Slam is one of the most anticipated events of the conference, as it allows unknown or emerging artists to expose their talent and catch the attention of high-profile industry experts.  Sixteen regional winners, representing their local radio stations, advance from the local level to compete for the national grand prize, which consists of over $50,000 worth of musical equipment and recording, mixing and mastering time at a top studio.

With haunting melodies and uncomplicated lyrics, cormac were probably the most distinctive sounding group in the pack.  A real departure from today’s angst-driven rock, this five-piece has been compared to Coldplay, something which frontman Cormac Cleary doesn’t necessarily consider a bad thing.

The Xtreme Band Slam experience has definitely motivated cormac to forge ahead with writing new material and to continue mesmerizing and capturing new audiences at live gigs on the local circuit.

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