The Los Angeles based fledgling label SONIC VOODOO launches its first endeavor with the release of Cormac – the self-entitled album by Cormac Cleary.

This 27 year-old Irish Born Canadian singer/songwriter first came to the attention of Sonic Voodoo President and founder Ralph Hemecker when he submitted his songs for TNT’s hit TV series “Witchblade” starring Yancy Butler, which Hemecker was Executive Producing at the time.  Believing that Cleary’s music was right for the series was only the beginning.    As millions of Blade fans already know, not only did Cormac’s unique sound become a part of the “Witchblade” lore, but he was also tagged to play the role of a rock musician murdered by a schizophrenic psychiatrist in the episode “Static”.  Soon after, Hemecker’s Sonic Voodoo signed an exclusive deal with Cleary, and set out to produce an entire CD of Cleary’s music with composer Joel Goldsmith producing.

The CD Cormac includes two songs that were recorded for Season 2 of  “Witchblade”:  “Phobia” by Cormac Cleary and a cover of Alvin Lee’s “I’d Love to Change The World”.  Six other original songs by Cormac, round out the album.

Cormac describes his music as “melodic rock”, but tries to steer away from labeling his work.

“Everybody hears something different.  In Canada, I’ve heard everything from I sound like Morrissey, to a lady on the radio comparing me to Van Morrison; to Neil Finn to Radiohead, so many different people, so many different sounds… I don’t even bother to try and describe it.  It’s just me.  I would just call the genre, you know, pop rock… or melodic rock.  A lot of the stuff I do right now is acoustic, but I don’t think it will always BE acoustic.  Eventually I’ll start playing electric and piano and who knows what else.  I try not to limit the possibilities.”

With a sound that is unmistakably influenced by his Irish roots, the soulful moody timbre of Cormac’s voice is definitely his own.  His music and lyrics evoke images of a modern romanticism and the ethereal that will remain with the listener long after the final track has played.

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